You must visit Seoul at least once before you die. No. You must. We insist. Because Seoul is different, probably unlike any other city you’ve ever visited before. And if you ever wanted some humour, we are game as we present you with our fun 3 reasons as to why you should visit Seoul at least once before you die.


Drinking Culture

I mean even if you drink here in India, it is hardly that easy. Hell, I still have trouble drinking with my dad. I would rather sneak out with my sister and have a shot here and there, than have some fun as a family. Not so in Korea, not so in Seoul.

The first things you notice in Seoul is the drinking culture. The young and old drink together, and while there are certain etiquettes attached to it, drinking every evening is also not considered a taboo. Hallelujah, we have found that promised land!

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Food Culture

Very rarely will food shock you, unless you are a strict vegetarian/vegan who’s never been around (or you’re a Jain where even garlic and onion might shock you at times). Belgian mussels, Swedish rabbits, French snails, Japanese puffer fish you may just have seen it all. Nope, not everything. And not till you visit Seoul.

Try live octupus or sannakji at Gwangjang Market. Now that ought to shock you. Or raw beef yukhoe at beef alley. I mean forget all those salmonella and other fears, dare to live a little. At least that’s what the locals say.


BTS, KPop & Kdrama Loves

Let’s face it. Your chances of bumping into Jimin (I hope I got that name right, otherwise I risk being targeted by that dreaded BTSArmy) even outside his own concert in your country are very very, very and miniscule low. But if Kdramas are to be believed, you might just catch them at a hotel or coffee shop in Seoul.

Nah, that’s a stretch. Maybe not BTS. But certainly some of the other Kpop and Kdrama actors and actresses. All you need to do is a bit of research on what type of coffee Lee Min Ho likes and then park outside his ‘supposed’ favourite coffee-shop with a camping tent and supplies. You’re bound to catch him someday. I mean if not in Seoul then where, no?

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Author: Sayali Bedekar

Travel blogger and entrepreneur. Travelling since the age of 6. Experienced the expat life in Malta, Belgium, South Africa, USA, Malaysia, Bangladesh and several other countries. Travelled to countries like Sweden, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand, Italy, and others. More to come, fingers crossed.
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