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Life is but a short journey. Why spend it on the couch, when you could pick a destination from our travel blog for comprehensive destination information and make a lifetime of memories there.

Sayali Patil
Founder of YOTRIPP (and big travel buff, you didn’t get that already)

YOTRIPP, the travel blog for comprehensive destination information

YOTRIPP began as an exciting travel blog for destination-related information, dedicated to assisting fellow adventurers in selecting fascinating destinations and finding captivating activities worldwide. Packed with personal recommendations, immersive travel features, and comprehensive informative pieces, we provide valuable and vetted destination information to help travelers plan their dream trips.

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Our travel blogs aim to be as comprehensive as possible, giving you all the relevant information on a particular destination or place, neatly packed in one detailed blog.



Rather than just trying to entice you to choose a place with tempting images, we aim to fascinate you with valuable information that helps you make informed travel decisions.



At the time of publication, each blog post and the information contained is checked for ground-level applicability. We update our blogs when vital information changes.



When we add affiliate links or offer affiliate recommendations, we let you know so transparently. Our affiliate links cost you nothing more, but help us sustain this blog.

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because we’ve been doing it for a long time!
because we are trained, certified and experienced
because we deliver results that are visible and measurable
because we are affordable

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