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Do you wish to write for our travel blog or get your own travel blog published on YOTRIPP? We have the following options for you to consider.


Blog without backlink

If you are looking to build a show-worthy portfolio and position yourself as a travel blogger of repute in the industry, consider getting your blog published here. Note the features below.

  • Article will be attributed to the writer
  • There will be no backlinks involved
  • Getting published here is free
  • Your blogs must be over 1300 words, travel niche related, and 100% plagiarism free

Email your submission to:



Blog with no-follow backlink

If you are looking to create backlinks for your personal travel blog by publishing quality article that link back to your website here, we accept those on the following terms.

  • Single no-follow or sponsored tag backlink
  • Publishing costs of USD25 per post, to be paid via Paypal or Gpay (within 2 days of publication)
  • Author will be credited
  • Blog must be over 1300 words, travel related and 100% plagiarism free.

Email your submission to:

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Sponsored Post

If you’d like us to write a sponsored post about your travel business, travel blog, hotel or destination with a backlink to your post, we would be happy to do so on the following terms.

  • We write a post featuring your business, make edits to accommodate your feedback and then publish it here.
  • You will be given a single sponsored backlink, but all your business details, business contacts and more will be included in the post itself.
  • The post itself will be marked sponsored but it will be promoted on all our social handles, including Pinterest
  • A cost of USD175 applies to such posts, to be paid within 2 days of publication via Gpay or Paypal.

For sponsored post queries please email:

Alhambra Granada YOTRIPP


Link Insertion​

We understand your need for link insertions in quality articles, but as a rule, we only entertain link insertion requests in the following cases.

  • You have found the perfect article on our website, one that matches your site’s purpose and our blog’s topic to the T.
  • You are asking for a link insertion for an informative blog that adds value to our existing article and not an arbitrary website, product or affiliate product.
  • If both of the above terms are met, we can consider your no follow link insertion for a cost of USD12 for a single link in a single blog, to be paid within 2 days of insertion, via PayPal or Gpay.

For such link insertions, email our editor on

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