We have all probably visited many theme parks in different regions of the world and thoroughly enjoyed a day out in the sun and cool breeze. But the underground Salina Turda in Romania offers you a fun amusement park experience you will never forget- 120 metres under the ground!

A subterranean amusement park is a concept difficult to grasp, let alone build. But Salina Turda is a stunning masterpiece of human labour, skilled engineering and unbelievable creativity. Originally a salt mine from Antiquity till the end of excavations in 1932, Salina Turda has served as a bomb shelter during World War II and a cheese storage facility before being opened to the public in 1992 as an incredible submerged wonderland.



Picture Courtesy:Photo by Adrian Moise on Unsplash

Turda is the second-largest city in the Cluj County of Northwest Romania. The salt mine is located in the Durgău- Valea Sărată area of Turda. The 2000-year-old salt mine is now a popular tourist destination owing to its historical significance combined with modern attractions at a never-before-seen location.

Picture Courtesy:Photo by Adrian Moise on Unsplash



Since the 17th century, Salina Turda saw extensive mining and excavation for salt. The mining work expanded during Rome’s occupation of Dacia. An interesting fact about this humongous mine is that no explosions were usedto create it. The entire excavation was undertaken by hand using free people who were paid in kind (wine, ox, loaves of bread).

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Present Use

Every well, gallery, passageway and shaft of the Salina Turda has been turned into a surreal marvel today. The mine was opened to tourists in the year 1992. Under an infrastructure renovation project, Salina received an overhaul in 2008 and was reopened for the public in 2010.

In 2013, Salina Turda was ranked as a part of Business Insider’s list of “25 hidden gems around the world that are worth a trek”. More than 6 lakh (6 hundred thousand) tourists visited the mine in 2017.

The mine has been used as a Halotherapy centre since its opening. The conditions inside the mine are therapeutic and help people with lung problems get some relief. The constant air temperature, relative humidity level, ionized air and almost negligible levels of allergens and radioactivity make this a beneficial microclimate promoting better respiratory functions amongst people.

Picture Courtesy:Wikimedia Commons: Munteanu Anca



One would imagine that an underground park like this one can probably have just a few entertainment activities, but enter this incredible underground marvel and you’ll be truly stunned. 

From a Ferris wheel to mini golf, ping pong courts to bowling alleys and an amphitheatre to paddle boats- there is way more down here than you could have ever thought. 

Keeping children and adults entertained for a longer time and making them breathe in the clean, healthy mine air was an important objective of this place. The various leisure activities set up below thus serve more than one purpose.

The Franz Josef Gallery; the Josef mine, also known as the Echoes Room; the Rudolf mine, the bell-shaped Theresa mine (90 metres high), the Little Venice boat tour, the Crivac room and the Extraction Shaft room are parts of the mine that you must explore during your visit.

Picture Courtesy:Wikimedia Commons: Gabriel Tocu


Entry and Timings

Salina Turda is open for tourists every day of the week from 9 AM to 5 PM with the last entry permitted at 4 PM. Entry ticket costs are different for children, adults, senior citizens and specially-abled persons but the general cost for an adult would be 40 lei (Romanian currency), which is about USD 9. Children below 3 years of age get free entry. 

The ticket only covers entry charges and visitors have to pay separately for parking and to use the different leisure activities underground, like boating, bowling, mini-golf, pool tables or rowboats.

Picture Courtesy:Wikimedia Commons: Andrei Dan Suciu


Travel Tips

This colossal subterranean cavern is a geological wonder with shiny walls, stalactites and other salt formations. But do keep in mind that as you go deeper into the ground, it gets colder. So, dress warmly.

Large and organised groups can benefit from Guide services, tours and free entry vouchers subject to certain conditions. Free audio guides are also available for download in English, Romanian and Hungarian.

Be patient, for there will be long lines for the elevator. If you are game, you can take the long flight of stairs as well.

See history unravel before your eyes as you journey from salt deposits dating back millions of years to modern leisure facilities; many fathoms below!

Get more information on the Salina Turda from thisofficial website.

Salina Turda offers great fun for the whole family, but it is important to note that kids under the age of 3 (and the elderly) require a medical permit to enter the amusement park. Pets of any kind are not allowed inside either.

Picture Courtesy:Wikimedia Commons: Andrei Dan Suciu

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