It is well known in the foodie circles; Ahmedabad is a food heaven for foodies. To leave Ahmedabad without hitting any of these 5 iconic street food spots is an unforgivable sin. From sweet jalebis and to shaved-ice golas and kothi ice cream, and from tangy pani puris to spicy vada pavs, samosas and chaats, there is food for everyone here. Ahmedabad loves its tawa pulaos, its fusion sandwiches, its ganthiyas and its pizzas; and Ahmedabad’s love for all cheese is evident in almost all of its street foods.

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Interestingly, though Gujarat is predominantly vegetarian, there are certain spots where you do get mouth-watering non-vegetarian street food. But for the purposes of this article, we will pick the 10 best vegetarian street food spots to him when in town. So let’s get started with a 5-spot street food tour of Ahmedabad, especially for foodies.


Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is the most iconic night street food market in Ahmedabad. It is often crowded with people and you should go early if you wish to eat in peace. Street food here is delicious and affordable. You will need to do quite a bit of walking and checking things out before you pick that perfect street food that you’d like to have, for the options are truly unlimited. 

Some of the most famous foods to try here are Balan’s Gwalior Dosa, khada pav bhaji at Kailash Pav Bhaji, and the ghughra & farali sandwiches at Manek Sandwich & Pizza among others like chaat, fafda, ice-cream sandwich, methina gotla, etc.

Manek Chowk is a night food market street and it opens at 8PM daily and closes at midnight. 

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Picture Courtesy:Wikimedia Commons: Ashwin Kumar


Urban SBR Social

While Manek Chowk is a historic street food market within the walled city of Ahmedabad, Urban SBR Social is its more modern, contemporary and youth-centric in Thaltej, the newer part of Ahmedabad city. This evening street food market opens at about 6:30PM and remains lively till as late as 1:30AM.

Unlike Manek Chowk that mostly serves out traditional Indian street food, Urban SBR Social is more into fusion foods. The more popular items available here are the jamun mocktail from Ice-Studio, pani-puri from Chat pe Charcha and vagharlelo rotlo from desi Tadka. You get all kinds of fusion food here including Indo-Mexican, Indo-Chinese, Indo-Continental and more.

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Picture Courtesy:Wikimedia Common: बृहस्पति


Happy Street Law Garden

The Law Garden street market and khau galli, already an iconic location for shoppers, strollers and foodies, has recently been revamped into a ‘ happy street’. With its 42 food-truck style food shops, which include not just food places, but also tea stalls and coffee houses, is a 300-metre stretch of street, now a foodie’s paradise. 

Apart from food, the beautiful Darwaja-style street decoration, colourful lights, hot and happening crowds and even a cycle track are the crowd-pullers here. The street is not just known for lip-smacking street delicacies but is well known to have the most hygienic street food in town. Must-try food items here are the katka pav, pav bhaji, pani puri, kulfi, vada pav and dabelis. Several types of sandwiches are available here and the aloo-matar sandwich of Anand Sandwich is a definite must-try.

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Picture Courtesy:Wikimedia Commons: Kanikatwl


Food Junction

Food Junction is a slightly smaller food joint right next to Rajpath Club. Some of the big names in the Ahmedabad street food industry, such as Jasuben Pizza and Balan Dosa also have their stalls here. You can try the usual street stuff here, such as Frankies, paranthas, vada pavs, but definitely for a slightly higher price than what is available elsewhere because of the premium neighbourhood.

This late-night fast-food area operates from 7:30PM to 2AM daily and there is ample parking for patrons.

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Picture Courtesy:Wikimedia Commons: Sachin Gupta


Other Stand-Alone Eateries

Ahmedabad has several stand-alone eateries that are loved by locals and tourists alike. Here’s a list of some of the more popular places and the delicacies they are most famous for.

Picture Courtesy:Wikimedia Commons: Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

RK Vada Pav

RK Vada Pav right on one corner of Vijay Crossroads is my personal favourite Vada Pav in Ahmedabad as is the standard case with any ex-HLIC student, though Sriji Krupa Bombay Vada Pav offers it some good competition.

Agarwal Bhel & Pani Puri Centre

With multiple franchises across town, including one in Law Garden, Agarwal’s serves by far, some of the best pani puri, dahi puri and bhel puri in town.
Asharfi Kulfi
As the name suggests, Asharfi Kulfi is the Mecca for kulfi lovers. They have several outlets across town and they serve normal kulfis, pot kulfis as well as stick kulfis. Oh and did we mention, they even shave sugar-less kulfis, imagine that!

Laxmi Ganthiya Rath

The traditional Gujarati breakfast item ganthiyas are best had with the traditional yellow chutney and a papaya salad at Laxmi Ganthiya Rath in Ambawadi. If you cannot reach here, hit the Iscon Ganthiya outlet on Satellite Road instead.

Gajanand Pouva House

Try the regular poha, dahi poha and masala poha at Gajanand Pauva House. These are the main food items that make this breakfast place famous with the locals. They also serve other local items such as khichu, so if you are new to Gujarati food, this is a great place to start your culinary tour. They open early, at around 5:30AM.

Gulab Golawala 

Gulab Golawala is an absolute must-visit destination for ice gola lovers. Golas are traditional shaved ice desserts enjoyed in almost all parts of India. Unlike other street gola sellers, Gulab Golawala’s golas contain 18 different types of fresh fruits too. You also find dry fruits, khoya and even rasgullas in some exotic golas here. To be honest, at Rs 200 per gola, this is the cheapest piece of heaven out there.

Leaving you with some stunning visuals of Ahmedabad’s famous golas by India HD. This particular video is of a street gola vendor in Chandlodiya. Follow the channel for more such HD videos.

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