Agatti Island Beach Resort is popular with honeymooners. And why not? Pristine beaches, comfortable climate, interesting activities, accommodation luxury and the company of your significant other. Doesn’t that sum up a perfect honeymoon?

YOTRIPP highly recommends an Agatti Island honeymoon, not just if you are looking for a local Lakshadweep honeymoon or a honeymoon elsewhere in India, but also if you are looking for a tropical beach honeymoon that is minus the exorbitant honeymoon package prices of say, Seychelles for example.

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Agatti Island, Lakshadweep’s Home-Grown Tropical Paradise

So before we look at Agatti Island Beach resort in particular, let us first know about Agatti Island, a beautiful, sunny island that forms a part of the Lakshadweep island cluster. The island offers a calm lagoon, lush coconut groves and more for a true vacation experience when it comes to honeymooners.

Newlyweds can enjoy a ton of interesting activities here, especially but not limited to lagoon cruising, deep-sea diving, deep-sea fishing, water skiing, glass-bottom boat rides, scuba diving and more. This comes as an added advantage for adventurous newlyweds who wish for adventure honeymoons that are not limited to beach time and night strolls.

Agatti Island is even more interesting for honeymooning couples because it is a very small, 7.6 km island situated on Agatti atoll, a hauntingly beautiful coral atoll. Agatti Island, one of Lakshadweep’s 36 islands, is located at a distance of 459 miles off Kochi.

Oh, and by the way, your honeymoon on Agatti Island does not start when you land on the island itself. It starts right from your aeroplane as you approach Agatti Island airport. Stunning sea views blind you with their beauty while a long-ish white stretch of sand that does not look like anything much turns out to be your landing strip. As you land, you can still see azure waters in the entire 360 around the island, and this kind of joy can hardly be found elsewhere.

And yet, despite its size, Agatti Island is not just about blue lagoons, green coconut palms, turquoise blue waters, coral reefs and silvery beaches. This tropical island of mesmerizing beauty has all the best facilities, hotels, restaurants and activities necessary for an enthralling experience on your honeymoon.

And if you are an Instagram couple, Agatti Island is even more of your dream honeymoon spot. You are sure to leave Agatti Island with photo and video content that will last you for months! You can immortalize unique shots on your Instagram profile, such as shots of Agatti Island’s famous diamond surf, emerald green palms contrasting against the deep blue, sandy bay, or a capture of your personal serene spot on the beach with you lounging around, taking in the island’s tranquil atmosphere.

Have I painted a good enough picture yet? If I have managed to do that, and I do believe I have, let us now move on to hotels, more specifically, the Agatti Island Beach Resort!

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Agatti Island Beach Resort Lakshadweep

To start with, Agatti Island Beach Resort is one of the more affordable resorts in Lakshadweep. It is even cheaper than other Lakshadweep resorts such as Bangaram Island Resort or Kadmat Island Beach Resort. Agatti Island Beach resort is affordable and has the best advantage of being located right on the beach!

Yes, compared to the prices charged, one can honestly accept that the rooms are not quite up to the 4 and 5-star mark, but they are clean, decent and spacious, overall comfortable accommodations. For your island honeymoon on Agatti Island, they might be slightly rustic in fittings and furnishing. But what cheap hotels such as this one lack in luxury, they make up on value. Considering how beautiful the locale is, with tall coconut trees and a beautiful beach that is literally right where you are, you’ll be hard-pressed to spend more time outdoors anyway.

If you keep in mind that you are honeymooning on a remote, secluded island, you can most definitely enjoy the rusticity of living without ACs and geysers. Just relax and enjoy your afternoons on outdoor hammocks, an advantage of those numerous coconut trees taking in the white beaches around you. If and when you are not enjoying the swimming beaches or water sports of course.

The beach and the water surrounding Agatti Beach Resort is one of the cleanest you’ll find in the country, thanks to the hotel staff that works round the clock to keep it so. So if you’re into beach chairs and sunsets, this is by far the best resort in Lakshadweep!

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Agatti Island Beach Resort Rooms

Complimentary newspapers are available for guests but breakfast services not always complimentary and depend on the package booked. Internet access is a paid service here but parking is free if you need it.
Dining at Agatti Island Beach Resort is a travel experience on its own. Dining at the specialized restaurant here is like combining good food with sensitive service and the location’s sheer beauty into a unique and fun experience.

The resort’s ‘sandy bay with dining’ multi-cuisine restaurant offers continental and local cuisine. You also get some Indo Chinese dishes and Jain food is also available upon request. Special arrangements can be made for outdoor dining if you are planning something a little more romantic and private on the idyllic palm beaches.

If you’d like to enjoy a barbecue amidst the tall coconut trees, that too can be arranged. This is an amazing and highly recommended honeymoon experience especially if you catch the fish yourselves.

Other resort services and hotel amenities include business conference services, laundry, telephone and others. Honeymooners can also enjoy their Ayurveda services or shop at the resort’s souvenir shop.

Almost all Agatti Island Beach resort reviews are not about all of these wonderful amenities and facilities, but rather about the wonderful staff. The resort staff is known for high levels of service or a blend of service that combined western professionalism with Indian willingness to please.

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Agatti Island Beach Resort Recreation

In comparison to other benchmark hotels on Agatti, whether budget hotels or star hotels, Agatti Island Beach resort offers a large list of recreation options. As leisure hotels go, this is a superb hotel for sure, since you can do all of the following here.

10 Things to Do on Agatti Island Lakshadweep (Plus 1 Bonus)


Relax & Unwind

The first and foremost thing you can do here is definitely to relax and unwind. It tops the list of Agatti Island activities simply because the location has a brilliant combo of sun and sand. If you are here on a honeymoon, this is your opportunity to connect and make a lifetime of memories.

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There is a different joy to sailing together. Try sailing on your honeymoon at Agatti Island Beach Resort as a honeymoon adventure. You can also do some island hopping between the Lakshadweep islands but be sure to book a good yacht experience from a genuine agency.

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Water Sports such as Kayaking & Water-skiing

If you’re an adventurous couple, there is no greater joy than exploring the ocean on a kayak or water skiing in the calm lagoon. Some water sports are paid sports that require you to make a booking and shell out money, but kayaks are offered to resort guests for free at Agatti Island Beach Resort.

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Snorkelling is a form of diving that is a less scary version of scuba diving and with the beautiful coral reefs around Agatti Island and the myriad life forms found underwater here, it is a go-to activity for just about every traveller, let alone honeymooning couples. The shallow lagoons around Agatti island are a treasure of unforgettable seascapes, so be sure to carry an underwater camera or Go Pro if you intend to snorkel here. If you get the chance, book a glass boat ride here. It is all the fun of viewing underwater sealife without actually getting in the water, especially for those couples who are scared of the deep sea.

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Scuba Diving

It is not like one can ever get tired of the green coconut trees, but it is still an amazing experience to escape the island terrain and explore the seascapes underwater here. Lakshadweep, not just Agatti Island, in particular, has numerous and yet unexplored dive sites that opening up for divers. Most of these spots close to Agatti Island are an easy boat trip away from the beach resort. This is a highly recommended activity for honeymooners on the island.

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Most popular hotels on Lakshadweep, including Agatti Island Beach Resort, offer fishing as an exciting activity for honeymooners here. If you’re lucky, you can easily catch tuna, snappers and kingfish here. Kingfish, shark and stonefish also inhabit these waters. Pole and line fishing is a popular method of fishing here. Agatti Island Beach Resort can organise a barbecue for you if you wish to have your catch for dinner! Fresh seafood is one of the best bounties on the island.

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Island Exploration

Agatti Island Beach Resort, just like other resorts here, offers sightseeing explorations to neighbouring islands such as Kalpitti Island (Kalpitty Island), Bangaram Island, Kadmat Island, Minicoy Island, Parali Island and other beautiful islands nearby. Tours can also be arranged to the smaller, uninhabited islands such as Thinnakara Island and Eiangaram island. These nearby island trips give you breathtaking memories of nearby island reefs that are teeming with sea life and coral. Just island tours are also offered by other famous Lakshadweep resorts such as Bangaram Beach Resort. Island hopping is an activity for honeymooners on the Lakshadweep islands.

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Night Strolls & Beach Strolls

A big recommendation by travellers here is to take the time the explore the island on foot. It is a wonderful activity for honeymooning couples too. If you are fit and active, strolling the entire island on foot is also a fun activity, since the island is so small! Like a day hike! Night strolls on the beach are extremely satisfying and romantic!

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The water lagoon of Agatti Island is oh so photogenic. Almost everything you see here, from the pristine beaches to the fresh coconuts, from the actual hotel property to the underwater sights, everything is worth immortalising through photography. If you are active on Instagram, this romantic couples’ holiday on Agatti Island will result in a treasure chest of Instagram-worthy photographs. With stunning sunsets and beautiful sea turtles, you can photograph just about everything here.

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Visiting Attractions

The islands of Lakshadweep may be small, but they are worth visiting for their attractions too. For example, there is a visit-worthy museum of Lakshadweep history on Agatti Island. Kavaratti has some splendid attractions worth checking out too, such as Marine Aquarium and Light House.

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Interesting Nightlife

If you thought there was no nightlife in Lakshadweep, the nightlife on Agatti Island will surprise you. No, it is not about bars and clubs, but rather about enjoying something even more phenomenal and unique. Visit the beach at night and you might just catch the glowing bioluminescent plankton that hit the headlines so recently. These are glowing bodies of algae and fungi that produce a glow-in-dark chemical. At night, their neon, iridescent glow covers the beach in an ethereal light and feels like you’ve been teleported to another world. Sadly, this can’t be seen all the time, and just like some other natural phenomena, you’ve got to be at the right place at the right time to see it.

With all of the above points making a honeymoon on Agatti Island so attractive for newlyweds, one drawback is worth noting. Alcohol is prohibited on the island and you are not allowed to carry your alcohol there either. Similarly smoking or carrying cigarettes with you is also prohibited. That said, you’re likely to forget this altogether when you are thoroughly mesmerized by this island’s natural beauty.

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Agatti Island Beach Resort Address

Ground Floor, Island Tower, Behind H.P.O, Market Road, Cochin, Agatti
Lakshadweep, Lakshadweep – 682553

How to get to Agatti Island

There are flights from Kochi to Agatti Island that take you to the island’s airport in about 1 hour 15 minutes. Air India operates these flights to and from Cochin to Agatti Island and this is the only flight connectivity there is if you wish to fly to Agatti Island for your honeymoon. You can take an auto from Agatti airport to Agatti Island Beach Resort.

You can get to Agatti Island from Bangalore, Goa, Delhi and Mumbai too, but you will first have to fly to Kochi and then fly out to Agatti Island from there. The Kochi to Agatti Island flight operates from Monday to Saturday, on all days except Sunday.

If you are okay to take a ship cruise to Agatti Island rather than flying, that is an experience worth taking too. Ships to Agatti Island ply from Kochi and Beypore (near Kozhikode). Depending on your travel class, you can get one-way tickets on these ships from Rs 2000 per person and the rates can go as high as about Rs 5000 per person (2020 rates).

Whether you are looking for flights to Agatti Island or looking to take a cruise ship, the entry permit formalities need to be noted well in advance. It is always best to take an Agatti Island package from a tour operator or agency or book an Agatti Island honeymoon package deal instead so that from permit to holiday, all end to end services are taken care of by knowledgeable agents.

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Agatti Permits

Getting permits to visit Agatti Island is a slightly cumbersome and long-drawn process. Even as an Indian passport holder, you need a police verification certificate to apply for a permit to visit Agatti Island. It takes anywhere between 15 days to 1 month to get the permit and the certificate, so it is best to plan your honeymoon well in advance, by at least a month if not more.

Even when you get the permit, you get it with a 15-day permit validity window. This means that you have to get your honeymoon done within those 15 days!

This is an extra hassle especially if you want to go to Agatti Island by shipping vessel instead of a flight. Ships need to be booked at least 15 days in advance and that makes it practically impossible to get the permit done, travel by ship and then get the honeymoon done within the 15 days. Travelling by vessel is cheaper but due to this hassle, if you wish to travel by ship, it is best to take the services of a travel agent or tour operator.

In addition to the permit, every person visiting Lakshadweep needs to shell out a heritage tax, though it is nominal. Adults need to pay Rs 200 per person and children between 12 to 18 years of age have to pay Rs 100 per person.

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