Road trips are an adventure you can’t afford to miss! Imagine cruising down scenic routes, witnessing breathtaking views and gaining experiences that last a lifetime. From the Pacific Coast Highway in California to Australia’s Great Ocean Road, the world is full of road trip destinations that will blow your mind.

Take the North Yungas Road in Bolivia for example, known as the “Death Road” for its winding curves and harrowing drops. Or how about the stunning Amalfi Coast in Italy, where the road hugs the coastline and shows off the Mediterranean’s azure hue?

If you’re after a rugged adventure, why not head to Iceland’s Ring Road which takes you passed glaciers, volcanoes and waterfalls galore. Or, for those seeking a smoother ride, take a drive down the Garden Route in South Africa, a stretch of road dotted with game reserves, beaches and quaint towns.

No matter where you choose to hit the road, it’s sure to be a journey worth taking. Buckle up, start your engines and read these road trip blogs.

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