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Mancations in Las Vegas

Pool parties, bars and clubs, casinos, adrenaline sports and even some adult entertainment, here are 5 things to do on your Las Vegas mancation. What's not to like about a mancation to Las Vegas, aptly termed as a Sin City mancation!

Amazing parties, wonderful casinos, spectacular show and pristine pools- what more could a man want when on a vacation? Las Vegas offers all this and much more. So, it comes as no surprise that most men dream about a vacation in Sin City, where they do not have to worry about late nights or drinking a bit too much.

Movies may have popularized the concept of bachelor parties in Las Vegas but an all-guys trip to this town is certainly something that should be on your bucket list. Though it must be said here, that an all-girls vacation to Las Vegas would be just as eventful and entertaining if not even more.

Moulin Rouge Las Vegas Streets
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Check out the 5 different activities that men can enjoy on the famous Las Vegas Strip and in its surrounding vicinity:

1. Las Vegas Pool Parties

Pool Parties in Las Vegas
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Pool parties and swanky casinos are the highlights of Sin City and you must experience both while you are here with your guys. Choosing the right hotel to stay at is important. There are numerous options available in Vegas that suit every pocket and are located close to where all the action is.

Almost every hotel has amazing pools and you can head to pool parties at your own hotel or go to another one around. Your hotel concierge can give you more information about these parties so that you can make reservations in advance. The Beach at Mandalay Bay is a must-visit. It has real sand, a wave pool and cabanas to make your day or night a lot of fun.

2. Sin City Casinos

Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
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Vegas is home to around 25 of the world's largest hotels and casinos. Poker night with your buddies is definitely something that should be on your to-do list. Aria, Wynn, the Bellagio and Rio have some of the best casinos and poker tables. The World Series of Poker has been taking place at Rio since 2005 and attracts hordes of professional players and novices from across the world.

3. Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

Momofuku Las Vegas, Las Vegas, United States
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If you are in Vegas, you know you're going to party all night long. Enjoy some delicious drinks and food at one of the many gourmet restaurants in town before you hit the dance floor. The Steakhouse at The Cosmopolitan offers great food. XS and Tao are the most popular nightclubs on the Strip and also boast of an outdoor area where you can enjoy some food and booze away from the crowd. But being an all-guys group, it may take some time for you to be able to enter clubs. Having some ladies to enter with would hasten the process. You can also make advance reservations at places where dining areas and dance floors are together, so you won't need to wait in queues.

The Bank at The Bellagio and Drai's Nightclub are very popular too. If you are staying at the Cromwell hotel, entry to The Bank is free. Get your hotel concierge to arrange VIP passes for you so you can gain quick access to the best clubs on the Strip.

4. High Adrenaline Activities in Vegas

Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center, Las Vegas, United States
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There is no dearth of adventure activities and boys toys out here in Vegas. From rollercoasters and car racing to sky jumps and helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon, an all-guys trip in Sin City promises to be full of thrilling experiences and high-speed rides.

Drive exotic sports cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Aston Martins at Exotic Racing or try your hand at Go Karts at Pole Position Race Way. And if you are truly an adrenaline junkie, a sky jump at The Stratosphere is a matchless experience. The Stratosphere Sky Jump offers 17 seconds of free-fall and no bungee cord! Rollercoaster lovers must try the New York Roller Coaster, 203 feet up in the air, going about 67 miles an hour. Ziplining or indoor skydiving options are also available.

You can get day passes or discounted reruns at most of these places.

5. Golf in Vegas

Tees at TopGolf in Las Vegas, Nevada
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A popular activity amongst men, your group can enjoy a few rounds of Golf at over 70 golf courses in Vegas. Shadow Creek, listed in the top 20 of Golf Magazine's list is located in Vegas. Cascata and Top Golf Las Vegas are some other options that offer pools and VIP bars, apart from the beautiful greens.

A 'mancation' is a great opportunity to bond with your buddies and party without worrying about late nights, work or your family. So, head to Sin City on your next holiday and make it count!

If you'd rather plan an all-girls trip instead, do check out these ideas for your girls trip to Las Vegas with your girl gang.

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