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Content, Marketing & Publicity Partner For Hotels Worldwide

YOTRIPP presents itself as a low cost strategic partner for hotels worldwide.

YOTRIPP is a unique content platform that aims to give hotels a chance to showcase their hotel and its neighborhoods in the best possible light.

Each hotel listed on YOTRIPP gets a customized vanity page that is built with both SEO and user value in mind. Our vanity pages cover all hospitality and destination aspects that propsective guests look for. We give prospective guests the complete and true picture they need to see, one that would otherwise require them to do multiple Google searches and surf multiple websites.

YOTRIPP is one of the best alternative listings platform to help hotels open up their direct booking portals to a greater number of visitors and conversions than what their personal websites currently get. It is also a great alternative publications platform to challenge the might of commisions-sucking (but currently unavoidable) OTAs and the steadilly growing AirBnB through the same power of consolidation, coupled with highly valuable content and constant publicity.



Each hotel's vanity page consists of 4 distinct sections.

  • The first lets the hotel be the star, with eye-catching images, creative grahpics and engaging content that highlights the hotel's rooms, facilities, USPs and more. We also upload a video for each hotel to add to the page's visual appeal. We deliberately make use of some interesting imagery and icons from time to time, to make the information in this section easily scannable to cursory readers.


  • The second section focuses all its attention on the hotel's location, neighborhood and nearby vicinity. One part gives a snapshot of all the attractions near the hotel in terms of travel distance, time and mode of transport. This is followed by 7 indepth local guides that go into greater details than the infomation contained in previous visual snapshot.


  • The third section shows prospectiive guests our multi-dimensional ratings for your hotels, in comparison to how they stack up against your local competition in your budget category. These ratings offer critical one-view snapshots that spur positive guest decisions, so we take these very seriously.


  • The fourth and possibly the most valuable section for hotels is the blogs section. We offer each hotel 3 distinct 'no rules, no holds' blogs. In other words, you are free to use them to your best advantage. We recommend aligning them with your existing marketing strategies so that this prime content real estate gives your efforts that extra bit of traction. Whatever you are currently advertising, be it your hotel's foray into the wedding market or your ultra glam new year parties, we can custom-write a blog for you on the topic of your choice.



We have independent local guides for nearby attractions (things to see), nearby activitiies (things to do), nearby restaurants (where to eat in the neighborhood), nearby cafes (great hangout places bearby), nearby shopping (where to shop) and nearby nightlife options (for some nighttime fun). We also have an separate guide for local tips and advice pertaining to the hotel's location.



All of our guides have completely personalised recommendations made in terms of the hotel and its guest demographic. Each recommendation made in each guide is tagged on our integrated maps and guests can directly get the directions to get there in one click, without having to open Google maps or make separate searches. All the local recommendations made in the guides are also shown on a static map so guests can gauge their distances from their hotel.



The most important part of our guides are the insider info-bits that are only known to locals. and rarely found elsewhere online. Since it is very difficult to get practical travel information online, especially without having to look through resource after resource, we present it in our guides to make them more complete and truly useful.

If you're traveling with the elderly, you'd definitely want too know if a place is disability-friendly or has too many steps. If you're travelling with kids, practical information such as whether there are any vending kiosks nearby, or if there any nursing stations nearby can truly come in handy. These are the extra tidbits that add immense value to your travel plans and so we have them in our carefully crafted guides.



We offer multiple social media posts per month across all our social channels for your vanity pages, blogs and guides. Since all of these pages contain direct booking links to your personal booking portals, you reap all the publicity benefits not just in terms of greater visibility and social relevance but also improved engagement and increased bookings.


We also undertake paid promotions and sponsored posts from time to time on behalf of our hotels, but these are independent services that are discussed individually with the hotels in question. To improve engagement on your hotel's posts and vanity pages, YOTRIPP also runs contests and campaigns from time to time, all of which translate to greater visibility, improved brand recall and better conversions for your hotels.



360° Content

YOTRIPP gives listed hotels comprehensive vanity pages. These pages are search engine optimized but rely on providing useful and valuable long-form info to help them rank organically.


Engaging Guides

Locals who know the neighborhood make our guides engaging & informative. Recommendations too are personalised according to proximity & guest preferences.


Maps & Directions

Recommendations made in our guides are tagged as locations on our integrated maps. Not just can guests see the location in relation to the hotel but they can also get directions to get there with one single click.


Visual Information

In order to make information quickly and easily scannble, our vanity pages & guides feature a lot of visuals and icons. Guests can easily glean important info-bits with just a cursory glance.


Social Media Marketing

YOTRIPP posts about your hotel on its social media handles several times each month. Reach more people, improve brand recall, increase website visitors & conversions.


Direct Bookings

Think of YOTRIPP as an extension of your hotel's bookings portal. Our visitors are your direct customers, eliminating booking commissions. For bookings, we give prime real estate on our Android & iOS app.

What Customer Says


Perry Park

It was sheer luck that I came across this website during my trip to Bhutan. I had just 3 days but their recommendations helped me pick just the right places to see without over-exerting. I loved it so much, I plan to come back nex...


Jenny Roderigues

I've lived in Goa for practically my whole life and still this website managed to tell me of some rare gems that I had never been to. The nightlife options in North Goa are totally worth making a trip down for.


Ishan Patel

Your icons are so easy to understand, I literally just skimmed through your pages and found everything I needed to know about my hotel. Thanks for keeping things simple and easy.


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