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Best Angling Spots in Yateley

With a number of well-stocked lakes in the neighbourhood, Yateley is an inviting destination for fishing and angling enthusiasts. Catch king-size carps and earn your social media bragging rights at these 6 best angling spots in Yateley.

Sports is not just a part of life; it is a way of life. And anyone who indulges in a sport regularly will tell you the same.

Those who play golf, go skiing, trekking, rafting, cycling, surfing, fishing or for any other outdoor activity, understand the importance of finding the right place for the sport. The perfect waves, the most beautiful roads, rocky trails, curvy slopes, smooth greens and lakes teeming with fish, all ensure that you have a memorable experience, whether you are competing or playing for leisure.

Angling, for example, is a sport that requires appropriate water depth, waves or lack thereof, shade and of course, plenty of fish. Finding a spot that has all the right weather and water conditions could be a bit of a task.

Rainbow Trout in Hampshire, UK
Picture Courtesy:Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

So here is a list of the best angling spots in Yateley, one of UK’s most popular carp fishing destination.

1. Sandhurst Lake

Sandhurst Lake: Carp Fishing in Yateley
Picture Courtesy:Sandhurst Lake Official Website

The picturesque lakes of Yateley complex have attracted thousands of anglers each year. The Sandhurst Lake, situated on the eastern side of the complex, is open for visitors on a daily ticket basis. The lake depth is 5 ft on an average and it is about 14 acres in size. The lake is famous for the well-known carp and has held records for 40lb+ carp as well. 

Day tickets cost between £25 and £35 for 24 hours, depending on the number of rods (2 or 3). All bookings are to be done online and in advance.

The website - https://www.sandhurstlake.co.uk/ - provides maps for anglers to view all the individual swims.

2. Pads Lake

Yateley Carp Fishing in Hampshire, UK
Picture Courtesy:Needpix Creative Commons

Owned by Yateley West Fishery, the 4-acre Pads Lake at Yateley is one of the best spots for angling in the UK, owing to abundant carp presence and the Yateley Angling Centre just nearby for any bait or tackle needs.

The name of the lake comes from the water lilies that grow on the lake’s western bank. The Pads Lake is a good option during winters as well.

Advance reservations can be made directly with the Yateley Angling Centre, and the best part is that visiting groups can book the entire lake.

3. Car Park Lake

The Big Lim: Carp Fishing & Angling in Yateley
Picture Courtesy:Official Facebook Page of Car Park Lake, Yateley

If you want to test your angling abilities in some difficult waters and tread in the footsteps of angling icons, head to Car Park Lake, often considered as a premier league spot in carp fishing. Car Park lake is one of the highlights in British angling history, where pros like Terry Hearn and Rob Maylin have caught a few residents.

4. Yateley Split Lake

Angling, fly fishing
Picture Courtesy:Image by Peter Raimann from Pixabay

This 8.5-acre lake is home to a large number of Carp, Tench and Monster Cats (weighing up to 70lb or 80lb). The Yateley Split Lake houses a large Ghostie that seems to be over 40lb but nobody has been successful in catching this one yet.

The lake shows a lot of promise for anglers, young and experienced, looking to get some big ones into their net.

5. Blackwater River

Dean Windsor's Catch at Blackwater River
Picture Courtesy:Farnham Angling Society Offician Website - Dean Windsor

For those wanting a bit of a change from lake fishing, the Blackwater River at Yateley offers shallow, clear waters to anglers who can catch Chub, Roach, Perch, Dace and Barbel here. This river is located to the east of Yateley road and shares a border with some of the other lakes.

The Blackwater River area is owned by the Farnham Angling Society, established in 1906. You need to be a member of the society to be able to fish in this river. Membership registrations for the current year are open and more information can be found on this website

6. Watmore Farm Fishery

Watmore Fishery in Yateley
Picture Courtesy:Watmore Fishery Official Facebook Page

Although this one is not a part of the 11 lakes of Yateley complex, the Watmore Farm is a family-run fishery, providing anglers beautiful and clean waters, good quality fish and serene surroundings. This 5-acre lake is located close to Hampshire and has been open for more than 14 years now. The peculiarity of this lake is the depth, which is anywhere between 2 ft and 19 ft. The stable water temperature, because of this depth ensures constant fish feeding. Common fish found here are Mirror Carp, Perch, Tench and Roach.  

Tickets (1 or 2 rods) cost about £8 to £12. The lake has a total of 45 swims and you can also book in advance for matches. The schedule of events is available on this website.

Do keep in mind that whichever lake or river you visit, anglers need to have a valid rod license, must follow all the lake rules and do their best to preserve the environment as it is.

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