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About YOTRIPP: Hotel Digital Marketing Agency & Travel Blog

YOTRIPP offers hotel digital marketing services to hospitality properties worldwide. As a digital marketing agency for hotels and resorts, we offer various online marketing solutions that help you reach, engage, and convert travellers into successful bookings.


We offer on-page and off-page SEO packages for your hotel websites so that they can improve their Google ranking and find ways to compete with the big players on the visibility front.

We also offer content strategy, planning and content marketing and distribution solutions to hotels and resorts.

Lastly, we also offer to manage and grow your social media presence to help you grow followers, improve engagement and increase conversions through your social channels too.


No matter how big or small your scale of business is, we serve everyone. From big brand hotel chains to small B&Bs, guest houses, vacation rentals, homestays and boutique hotels too!

So if you are a hotel, resort or hospitality property hunting for top-class hotel digital marketing firms, book a strategy call with us. We specialize in travel and hospitality, more specifically 360-degree hotel digital marketing.


Those were our B2B services, but we also have a B2C arm that looks to help travellers like you.


YOTRIPP is a prominent travel publication that helps you plan your travels.

On YOTRIPP, you can look up travel destinations and get comprehensive destination insight. Of course, the usual stuff like things to do in Mumbai, things to see in Kyoto, nightlife in Delhi, restaurants in Paro, so on and so forth. But more. So much more. We also give hotel recommendations and reviews from our personal stay experiences.


Additionally, you can request free itineraries and travel cost information on your chosen destinations too.

If you book one of our hotel digital marketing clients, we offer direct booking discounts for hotel bookings made through YOTRIPP. For some others, we transfer affiliate discounts. In both cases, we make disclosures upfront, should you choose to make a booking off YOTRIPP.


So whether you are a hospitality property or a traveller, we hope you find YOTRIPP useful. If you are a former, get on a call with us today for a free strategy session that helps your hotel business capitalize on the post-COVID-travel opportunities.


Virtual Concierge

Why go looking for the help when this virtual travel concierge is right at your fingertips. Our guides answer everything for travellers - where to eat, what to do, what to see, etc. FOR TRAVELLERS


Practical Tips

Our guides contain practical travel tips & handy info that is difficult to find online. Stuff like - Is a place okay to travel with a 3-year-old? Any vending kiosks nearby? FOR TRAVELLERS


Verified Information

Our hotel reviews are real and based on personal experience. Our travel blogs too contain no marketing gimmicks, fake reviews, paid reviews or dated, unverified information. FOR TRAVELLERS


Hotel Bookings

We make money differently; either from clearly disclosed affiliates or 'service' clients who sign on for our digital marketing services. So our prices do not have added commissions. FOR TRAVELLERS


Destination Marketing

Our marketing packages are not just for marketing your hotel and its USPs. We also market your destination and spotlight it to travellers trying to pick their destinations. FOR HOTELS


Hotel Marketing

We offer SEO packages, social media packages and content marketing packages to hotels worldwide. Hire us to see increased traffic, better visibility and higher bookings. FOR HOTELS