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We at YOTRIPP understand that everything you read off the Internet is not necessarily true and hence we go that extra step to verify sources and their credibilities for all information posted here. Though we also try and keep our content updated and current so that any outdated or redundant information does not affect your decisions, please inform us if you find errors of this nature on our website.

All general information here is just that, generic information. None is meant to substitute practical common sense, especially where we give insight on personal experiences. For example, a trek to Paro Taktsang is do-able with reasonable fitness but it may still not be a good choice for you. We urge you to use your discretion in such personal recommendations.

Please use good sense and discretion while perusing the content on YOTRIPP and do reach out to us if you find an anomaly, require clarification or wish to know about the sources for any information posted here.

For the blogs and personal opinion posts, it is important to note that personal opinions are not general advice, and what may have worked for one, may not necessarily work for another. In addition, it is important to note that the recommendations provided in the personal blogs are from the personal experiences or assessment of the blog writer and not formal advice given by the organization.

While we take all necessary care in cross-checking everything that goes on the site, we cannot be held liable for any information that steered you into substituting your common sense with any generic one found on this site.


Important Terms of Use


All booking and check availability links on the YOTRIPP website are directed to the actual hotel websites. Your bookings are thus completely with external websites and external parties. YOTRIPP does not claim, own or hold any sway over these bookings nor charges third party commissions for them. Any and all grievances and complaints related to bookings made on these third-party websites with third parties are outside YOTRIPP's domain of control and we cannot address, redress or control them in any manner. YOTRIPP cannot be held monetarily or otherwise liable for them.



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